Here Comes the Sun

It is her struggle but family never allows you to do it alone.


So my last entry was full of fears and worry over my daughter becoming pregnant and the injections necessary for IVF because she has existing health issues.

She began the nightly injections and every 2 days it’s ultra sounds and blood work.
Every day is promising. She continues to have more follicles and the existing ones are growing and throughout the process she has continued to be ok. No ambulance rides to the ER. How familiar these are to me but it’s always a new sense of fear every time it happens as if I was never through it before.

Going on this journey with her and her husband has so many emotional ups and downs.
Driving home today knowing my potential grand babies are in the works brought me this overwhelming sense of love and acceptance to the process. Seeing my daughter finally let go of a small piece of her anxiety – made my day.
I know she hasn’t let it all go but to know and feel some of it is gone no matter how small, was better than the first sunny day after a long cold winter. It warmed my soul, my body, and my heart. I could feel the warmth spreading throughout my body and I realized I was smiling.
I am here with her through a very difficult time in her life but I am also blessed to be here with her as we are growing her babies my grand babies.
I continue to pray she know the undying love for a child.
I have always said I loved her from the moment the stick turned blue in the bathroom.
It has been a lifetime love affair that I wish everyone has the opportunity to experience.

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