HELP … Please

I’m at a happy place or so I think, something I wasn’t so sure would happen. Fear and uncertainty are something I can’t seem to let go of.

My daughter is well and she is on target for stimulation. Retrieval should be in a few days. The number of follicles are good and the growth is even better. I have taken vacation time to be there for retrieval and transfer as she has opted for a fresh cycle this time. 
She continues to be fearful and unsure. She has resolved to look to “Dr. Google” and Twitter for affirmation that her course is on target. I feel helpless because as a health care professional I know each patient/case is different. 

I don’t say anything other than words of encouragement based on what she has shared. I know she needs positivity but I wish she wouldn’t let the journey of others provide either hope or doubt. 

As a mom I feel powerless. I continue to smile when she is happy and try to provide hope when doubtful. I often find myself asking God to please take care of my child. To not offer false hope, to provide me with the tools necessary to help her should this not work. Most importantly I ask PLEASE LET THIS WORK!!

Please don’t hurt my child.

How does anyone get through this?

Any words of wisdom are so welcome!!

I want to be the best mom I can be 

but this is not in my wheel house. 


2 thoughts on “HELP … Please”

  1. Oh and the other thing is to do as much research as you can about what she’s going through… Dr Google can actually be helpful as there’s a lot of forums and a lot of doctors doing a lot of different protocols all around the world… if I didn’t have the blogs and the forums I don’t know what I would have done… but I wish just one person in my life had done a little bit of homework about what’s involved in IVF, from the process to the side effects to the various protocols out there, rather than expect me to educate them on everything.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate your words of wisdom from a “daughters” perspective. I always want to be the best mom I can be but this is something I have no experience with. I don’t know if you saw my very first post but many times well wishers make mistakes and your response confirmed it.
      I will keep you and your journey in my prayers. 💗💗

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