A Family Struggles 

So we’re less than 24 hours out from retrieval (# of folliclesare great, size is where they should be, lining is wonderful and we learn my son in laws’s sperm count has dropped to zero. Everything was on track and now this set back. Issues at the lab and miscommunication to the physician on their viability now have them with really no options.

A fresh cycle is off. The ability for any to survive freezing is very low. Yes they can have him produce a new sample but science says it won’t be what they need. They are trying to decide the next step. I forgot my senses and began to offer hope, solutions, which I know she considered unsolicited advice. I promised myself to be a better mom and I blew it!! I tell her I love her and now try to listen. I hold back my desire to give advice. 

This is such an incredibly personal issue I can’t find the words to console him. I’m so sad to hear this; I find an excuse to escape but feel guilty because they can’t escape it. 

I needed to walk away, cry in private and then return when able to listen and just be there for her. 

Infertility is such a painful process and I am sorry I never realized this before. Were there times I was less than understanding when a co worker was experiencing this? Probably. Did I act like Suzie Sunshine instead of a neutral sounding board? Definitely. 

This is a horrible thing that so many are struggling with. I think there needs to be more awareness and education. 


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