Starting her family – God was there

So we are 5 days post transfer and I had the wonderful experience of being in the OR and seeing the miracle of God up front and personal. 2 embryos survived to day 5, both were transferred as I held my daughter’s hand and watched on the ultrasound screen. They were placed exactly were the doctor wanted them and what will be their home for the next 40 weeks (please !!)

For some IVF is out of their wheelhouse to consider it God’s work … but it is…
God was there allowing the embryologist to make the connection between the egg and sperm
God was there keeping the 2 alive and growing waiting for day 5 and the transfer
He created their life as he does all others – the location of conception is in material.
It was through him!
I was there when God allowed a miracle to occur and I was in awe of Him!


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