Pennies from Heaven

I’ve been feeling a little down in recent weeks since my daughter’s unsuccessful IVF cycle.I was cleaning up around the house and I found a handful of pennies in a kitchen drawer. As I was gathering them to put in my husband’s change jar, I had a better idea …penny planting.

I wasn’t thinking about burying them but rather planting/placing them for others to find.

Sounds a little crazy right??

Let me try to explain…

When I was a child my parents told me “find a penny on heads up and all day long you’ll have good luck”.

So whenever I spied a penny on heads, I would pick it up and place it in my pocket, just knowing something good was going to happen.

On most occasions,  I don’t think anything special or lucky happened, but I was filled with happiness and joy anticipating how my new found luck would appear. I never felt let down when it didn’t occur because I don’t believe, I truly expected anything to happen. But the magical feeling it evoked was wonderful.

I wanted to help others feel this joy.
So I took that handful of pennies and placed them in various places (the grocery store, parking lot, sidewalks etc.) it didn’t really matter where.
This penny planting gig was making me happy, maybe someone would pick one up and believe that today is going to be lucky or better. Maybe it would cause another person to dream or anticipate good things.
Once all the pennies were placed a memory of my father flooded my thoughts.

As a 30 year old adult, I recall my dad holding my hand in his as we walked on a city street, it didn’t matter I was grown with small children of my own he was holding my hand, keeping my safe.



We were talking about nothing in particular while my husband and mom walked ahead. He suddenly stopped and in a very animated voice said “look honey there’s a penny on heads up, hurry up, get it, you’ll have good luck”! I told him to pick it up because he saw it.

He smiled and then scooped down and got the penny, grabbed my hand and we began to walk again.

But now there was a noticeable hop to his step, a lightness that warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. He still believed a penny on heads up would bring him luck; it didn’t matter he wouldn’t  be able to identify this “luck bringing penny” once it was placed in his pocket with the other loose change. 

He was a believer !! Or was he enjoying just the thought that something good could happen. I never asked him I was to busy enjoying his response. 

He has since died so this vivid memory was a welcome intrusion.

I felt myself smiling and feeling a little more light hearted than I have in quite a while. I hoped that whoever stumbled upon these pennies felt the same joy I did as a child and my father did as a man in his 60’s.
It was then that I thought perhaps these were pennies from heaven- pennies from my dad and he was again holding my adult hand through a difficult time.



I jumped up and ran over to one of the pennies and placed it in my pocket. It’s then that I realized the penny placing wasn’t solely my idea, God had a hand in it, he was helping me through a difficult time and my dad was a part of it.


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