Forgive and Unite

With today being Veteran’s Day I first want to thank all those who have and continue to serve and protect us!!
Thank you for keeping us safe!!!!

You are beloved!

I feel I should have a disclaimer that this post is politically charged and may not be for everyone. I offer no apologies as these are my true feelings but they are not meant to insult or anger anyone.

I do not call anyone stupid or an idiot as we are all free to feel as we do and to vote without prejudice or judgement.
I sit and reflect on the election outcome. This election was difficult for most. Both candidates were flawed and came with baggage. It was not an easy Presidential election by no means. I know most struggled with their decision.

While I contemplated who was the best choice I could not help but be overwhelmed by Donald Trumps moral disgrace to women, Mexicans, Muslims, and African Americans.

Yes Hilary had email security issues but I asked who has been personally affected by this ?


will I be affected by the things Trump proposed ?

If you are in his tax bracket you will benefit — the rest of us will suffer and never rise to our potential because that isn’t in his plan.
I have children, both men and women and I must say I personally felt he could impact their lives and not for the good

While I am pro life and will never falter on that I truly believe women should decide what happens to their bodies not the government. Everyone will face their maker and answer to their decisions and I believe that is where judgement lies. Not at the hands of others. Laws do not stop crime – people do. So I believe everyone has the right to decide what they will do in these circumstances. It is  a moral decision that no man can make for another. Making such things illegal jeopardizes lives.

His hatred and intolerance of minorities fosters hate and anger. His inability to reign in his thoughts puts all men of draft age at risk.

My sons (your sons) do not need to fight for their lives because of his lack of filter, knowledge, and political etiquette.
Our young daughters now know that a man can say and do vial things to women and still be President. Is this a message young boys and girls should hear?
He was heard on tape saying he walked into pageant areas where girls (not women) were in various stages of unaddress. Would any father or mother be ok with a stranger viewing our daughters in this manner? Of course not. Let’s be clear these were young girls not women but I digress. This isn’t “man talk ” it’s a man leering at young girls and bragging about it. I personally feel more comfortable with an email breech than a moral breech. Women fall prey to sexual predators everyday, they are assaulted and demoralized by men of this character. It’s so sad to see that we as women have been discounted not because of his actions but because of America’s acceptance of his actions/behavior.
While I applaud his  wife’s platform on cyber  bullying does anyone else see the irony?? Has she read/seen her husband’s Twitter account? OMG.
It’s no surprise I am disappointed and saddened by the election outcome.
I do not propose rioting or burning flags but rather everyone coming together to make the United States a better place.

Do I  believe Trump’s vision alone will do this?

No, but I do believe in the American people.

I believe we will overcome all the election biased anger and hatred and become a nation committed to acceptance, tolerance, respect, and gratitude.

Do I believe Trump can let go of his bias?

No I don’t, but the American public can be better despite him and cause change without falling prey to his convoluted thinking.
I will pray over this as I do on all  areas of my life and have faith that good things will happen.

I love and trust America and it’s people and I know we will be ok. We need to remember who we are and what we stand for and everything else will fall into place.

We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave and I am thankful for that!!!


I will allow for an acceptable mourning period to process my thoughts knowing that I will be stronger for doing so in the end.

And then I will be the best I can be while trying make positive changes every where I go.
I will bury my overwhelming sadness about the election outcome and continue to be a strong American. I will not foster divide or encourage separation but rather a commitment to unity as a country and people of a higher power!!



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