Me in Progess

It is again Sunday, the day devoted to thanking our Lord. We should thank God every day; but Sunday is the day that many gather in his name in unity. Remembering the gifts we have received and to forgive those who have sinned again us. It is an easy role to fulfill, or is it ? How easy is it to forgive the littlest transgressions? The man that cut you off while entering the highway, the women who pushed her shopping cart in front of you in the checkout line, the co worker who was less than honest about his/her contributions to a project you were both responsible for.

Do we become immune to forgiveness when the acts against us appear as modern day concerns and not biblical examples?
The need to forgive and reserve judgement is paramount in these examples and many others that we experience in our day to day life.
Can we identify the areas where we should “turn the other cheek”?
I mention this because today on my way home from Church; I mistakenly crossed into another’s lane. It was not done to cause anger or due to carelessness.
I was avoiding a cat in the road. The other driver immediately became angry. He blew his horn (this was understandable ) he was signaling to that me I crossed into his lane. What happened after this was not understandable or acceptable. He began to curse at me and call me offensive names (whore, bitch, and the c word). I immediately mouthed “I’m so sorry” to him and that angered him more. I was upset as I truly was sorry .

He rolled down his window and proceeded to tell me how he wished I died and how he wanted to cause me to crash my car. I slowed down and allowed him to pass me in an effort to be free from this individual. I was thankful he sped away. I believe my exact words were “thank you Jesus”!! I knew He kept me safe from an irate  individual and truthfully I was thankful.

Once home I continued to be bothered/upset over the situation.

As my children arrived for dinner (this is one of my happiest moments of the week) I conveyed my experience to them and they immediately asked –
Did I get the license plate number?

Did I report it?

I responded –  I reported this to our maker as I was praying and I’m hopeful that his heart will be affected. I do not believe he needs to be corrected by the law,  only softened by the Lord.

While I believe what I said to my family … it caused me to pause and think …

Have I acknowledged my sins? Have I asked for forgiveness from those that I am not even aware that I offended or hurt? Despite worshipping with many today I’m not so sure I did.

So while my family is upset about what I encountered today I am more concerned with my own transgressions for those who I may have  hurt or those I was quick to judge … so I ask please forgive me.

When I lay my head down tonight I will ask for forgiveness and try to be a better me tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Me in Progess”

  1. The man acted unhinged. My daughter an I had that happen to us one Christmas in a mall parking lot. We were waiting with lots of cars to leave an were bock in his way. He called us those things too and then got out and kicked and punched our car! Well, we found that funny and started to laugh, which got him madder.

    Yes, we forgave him. You have a great message here about forgivness.

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